Happy New Year

A new year is here! Happy 2020 to all of our wonderful and loyal clients.  January a fresh start
a time for setting new goals, looking after ourselves, a spot of extra pampering and becoming
the best we can be for the year ahead!

At Beleza, we are welcoming the New Year with two fantastic new treatments!

Brow Lamination; this treatment gives your brows that super fashionable bushy, thick and
uniformed look. The effects of brow lamination last around 6 weeks. We do require you to have
a patch test at least 24 hours prior to the treatment. Normally £35 but we have this treatment
on offer for £30 throughout January and February.

Henna Brows; this is form of brow tinting that also stains the skin beneath the brow hairs, this
creates a fuller and thicker look. We do require a patch test at least 24 hours prior to the
treatment. Normally £30 but on offer throughout January and February for just £25.

So what’s coming up?  Don’t forget Valentine’s Day on 14th February! A time to show
someone you love how truly special they are – whether it’s a partner, friend or family member,
why not treat them to something special? A gift voucher will make a fabulous gift and we’ll
have some great Valentines offers coming really soon.  Make sure to follow us on Facebook
and Instagram for all offers and updates.

So, it’s a happy new to you all from the Beleza beauty team. We are very excited for everything
we have planned for 2020 – we will continue to make your Beleza experience as special as
possible and will bring in some new and exciting treatments for you all to enjoy!
We look forward to seeing you very soon!

Lots of love,
Your Beleza Team – Laura, Chloe, Zoe, Felicity, Emma and Laura

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